Will Mudavadi be Uhuru, Raila surprise 2022 choice?

Will Mudavadi be Uhuru, Raila surprise 2022 choice?


While William Ruto and Raila Odinga have emerged as front runners in the 2022 succession politics, one person who should not be ignored is Musalia Mudavadi.
Many say that if Raila is not in the race, he and Uhuru Kenyatta will back Mudavadi to change Kenya’s political scenario forever. Those for Mudavadi say that he can unify the country and protect the dynasties that have dominated Kenya’s political landscape. They say he is level headed, reasonable and cuts across the country.

The son of Substone Mudamba Mudavadi, the former powerful minister in the Kanu era, who was nicknamed the King of Mululu because of hosting delegations at his Mululu home, is struggling to cut for himself a new political image ahead of the 2022 general election.
MM as he is fondly called by those close to him has travelled a treacherous and winding political career before cutting for himself the current image of an astute and calculating political operative.
To some he is a master of state craft while to others he is a colourless politician who is prone to blunders and indecision. His supporters are keenly watching his next political moves ahead of the 2022 general election.

President Uhuru , Mudavadi and Raila

They are wondering will it be MM who will carry the coveted trophy of being Kenya’s fifth president or it will be another disastrous attempt lacking in strategy and tactics.
This time round, Mudavadi’s supporters want him to mount a massive political campaign based on a well-designed and elaborate strategy and tactics and not a disjointed one based on an illusion that he is going to be the ‘state’ candidate as it happened to him in 2013 and 2017.
The Luhya community has produced three vice presidents and as the country focuses its attention to 2022 general election, political observers are asking will Mudavadi be the one to succeed Uhuru?
Mudavadi was appointed VP by retired president Daniel Moi after George Saitoti resigned in 2002. He served for three months before Kanu’s Uhuru whom he was materunning in 2002 lost the presidential contest to Mwai Kibaki.

Mudavadi is prone to political blunders since 2002 when nearly all of his political contemporaries who included Raila, Saitoti, Kalonzo Musyoka, Joseph Kamotho among others fled from Kanu to form LDP that joined Kibaki, Charity Ngilu and Wamalwa Kijana’s NAK to form the opposition outfit Narc.
Wamalwa became Kibaki’s VP. When Wamalwa died, Moody Awori, another Luhya was appointed as VP.
What has happened to Mudavadi’s political career since 2002 to date should serve as political lesson that will define how he is going to approach the 2022 Uhuru succession.
As part of his comeback strategy ahead of the 2007 general election, Mudavadi decided to align himself with the ‘No’ side whose symbol was an orange in the 2005 referendum on the proposed new constitution. Raila then the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party was leading those opposing the 2005 referendum which they won.