Witch-doctor with  snake blocked  from entering Kenya

Witch-doctor with  snake blocked from entering Kenya


Security officers manning Kenyan border were forced to move fast and block a snake-wielding witch-doctor from Uganda who attempted to gain entry into the country in a mission to treat a mad man.

There were more confusion when the officers from the Kenya Wildlife Service declined to accept the snake after their security counterparts at the Malaba border ordered that they keep the serpent after it was taken from the witch-doctor.

But in a twist turn of events, the vividly scared KWS officers downplayed the matter and advised that the suspect and his serpent be repatriated to Uganda feigning that the animal may not survive on Kenyan soil.

According to Busia County Police Commander John Nyoike, the suspect Joshua Bumba was found carrying the 5.5 feet cobra at Malaba border and upon intense interrogation revealed that he was a witch-doctor and he was intending to use the reptile to treat a mentally retarded person in Bungoma County.