Wrangles at ACK Maseno West turn nasty

Wrangles at ACK Maseno West turn nasty


Leadership wrangles at Maseno West Diocese Anglican church seems not to be over among the rival factions as it is claimed that one of the clergy associated with the bishop-elect of the diocese Reverend John Godia had faked his death to avoid paying a bank loan he took from one of the financial institutions based in Siaya.

It is alleged that the clergy in question Reverend Luke Otombo had managed to acquire a death certificate which was taken to the bank ostensibly to show the bank that he had died so that he avoids paying the bank loan.

The revelation comes barely days after the diocese relieved 12 clerics from the church of their duties saying they want to split the church, a thing they have so far denied saying they are being punished because they are opposed to how elections were conducted.

They are now demanding that Reverend Godia comes out in the open and clears the air in regard to the said death certificate which they claim he had a hand in its procurement which is against the law.

ACK Head Ole Sapit

The letters suspending the clerics come after the first such letter was issued to a cleric who was leading the campaign against the preferred choice of the outgoing Bishop Otieno Wesonga to the throne.

The letter which suspended Reverend Kenneth Wachianga is dated May 30 2019 with the bishop accusing him of promoting secession, division and disruption of the peaceful life of the diocese.

“You have persistently, through the print and electronic media threatened to promote division. This is contrary to sworn canonical obedience to the bishop of Maseno West,” read the letter.

The bishop had asked all clergy and lay leaders not to allow Rev Wachianga address or minister in church.

Bishop Wasonga insisted that the Wachianga will not be recognised as an ACK clergy until he repents and changes his ways.

“Your licence to officiate in the diocese and any part of the province has been suspended. After all you have chosen not to serve the diocese in any capacity for several years and opted for an NGO which you have refused to formally attach to the diocese,” reads the letter.

But the reverend has on countless occasions denied claims by the bishop that he is planning to split the diocese.

He, however, argued that the bishop should have formed a tribunal to investigate the allegations levelled against him before the suspension.

“He had not followed the required procedure. If he did not want to form a tribunal, he should have called me for a round table fellowship to discuss these matters,” said Wachianga.

Wesonga who is supposed to be retiring next month has served for over 29 years at the diocese.

The election seems to be dividing the once united clergy following claims that it was not free and fair.

Godia who was elected new bishop after competing against Canon Francis Owino and James Jimbo will be consecrated on September 1 2019.

A team of 23 people from the electoral college took part in the voting process that appears to have divided the clergy, forcing other contestants to go to court.

Out of the 23, 16 of them were from the diocese while seven were from the province as appointed by Archbishop Ole Sapit.

Wachianga said that he will respond to the letter from the bishop.